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Hidradenitis Treatment PPO

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a common diagnosis seen by both dermatologists and surgeons. Initially, hidradenitis was deemed a skin disease requiring surgical decompression of recurrent folliculitis and pustules, but recent evidence has attributed the disease to an immunologic defect in the pilofollicular unit. Research has identified biologic modulation therapy as a treatment option for Hidradenitis, leaving non-surgical options available for resistant disease. 

Insurance coverage for Hidradenitis depends on disease severity, presence of symptoms that affect quality of life, availability of surgical options, and previous response to conservative therapy. Mild to moderate disease, fortunately, may respond well to conservative approaches to treatment. Severe cases of Hidradenitis may necessitate aggressive surgical decompression to reduce acute pustules, abscesses, and fistulas in the skin. 


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Surgical Treatment: 

  • Surgical Decompression of Hidradenitis Abscess and Pustules 
  • Surgical De-Roofing of Hidradenitis Fluctuance and Abscesses
  • Surgical Excision of Hidradenitis Tissue
  • Surgical Excision of Hidradenitis Fistulas, Sinus Tracts, and Cysts
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